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Chantelle Bowden (Chony) Ba.Com, Ba.Edu, Dip.ECC

'It is so refreshing to pick up a hard cover ‘children’s book’ that supports mothers and their babies spiritual interconnectedness and resonance with each other. 


Based on Olga Maria’s deep connection with and study of Sacred Geometry, she artistically hand drew images on each page that correspond with the 7 energy centres of each human body. When witnessed these symbols can calmly support the reader to see experiences from a higher perspective.


Every aspect of this offering has been intuitively considered including printing the drawings in black and white. These colours support new born babies developing retinas and their ability to see contrast, which is best at this stage of life.


It is believed that establishing a shared connection with Sacred Geometry from birth can assist with bonding babies and their mothers to their higher selves. Which is a profound visual offering from author and illustrator, Olga Maria'.

Antoniette Gomez

Author of the Chakra Mindset book

  Executive Director of Exhale people

Professional coach and facilitator

NLP Master practitioner

Pioneer in the field of well being

“Juxtapose offers a wonderful collection of beautiful black and white images of the energy centres as a way to focus, build connection and practice mindful reflection.

For the mother and mother to be it creates the space for mindful  reflection and contemplation, and for your new born baby it provides high quality contrast black and white patterns to attract focus and provide visual stimulation.

This little gem is the perfect starting point to help install the habit of spending quality time together and bonding in your own special way.”

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Olga Maria