Olga Maria

Chakra Mindset Coach


Are an ancient system that has been around for thousands of years. 

It is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, and signifies movement.

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The Chakras' are energy centres in our body of spinning energy corresponding to major organs and a range of physical and spiritual functions 

According to Indian philosophy, there are 7 major centres of Prana (life force energy) in the human body

Chakra frequencies generate the colour, colour and frequency is the same thing perceived by different senses

The frequencies provide us with evidence of our energetic design that we can feel activated by the chakras own corresponding frequency

The chakra system supports us to gain a deeper understanding of our current situation and can help us to work towards clarity and balance


This is where our innate wisdom and aligned connection, support us to create from and work towards our own unique truth, clarity and balance, our sovereignty. We begin or continue to make empowered decisions and become conscious creators and Masters of our Divine life here on Earth.

Daily connection to your Chakras, checking in with yourself and where your energy is at can be a helpful daily ritual. A ritual for your own sovereignty, aligning, shifting and allowing a deeper connection to self and the Universal consciousness as we become one with all

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Positive affirmations or mantras are part of the language of the brain. They have the potential to empower and manifest in a positive way in our everyday life. It is an effective method of bringing your desired intentions into reality.

Enjoy creating!


"I am love"


Third eye

"I am wisdom'


"I am truth"


' I give and receive unconditional love"

Solar plexus 

" I am powerful


"I am worthy"


 "I am safe

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