Contrast black and white images are the best way to support your baby's visual stimulation.

These unique, hand drawn illustrations will mesmerise and bind you both in heartfelt connection.

There are seven energy centres based on sacred geometry. They represent the energetic frequencies within our bodies.

Each plays a vital role in deeply connecting our innate wisdom to our true resonance.

Olga Maria-Author

A unique hand-drawn, Black and White, Baby picture book of the chakras for visual development and connection to the energy centres.

Passionate in providing opportunities to unfold our inner truth and innate wisdom.

For the families that attend Nature Play throughout the week, we will have book sales at The Botanical Collective in Buderim, Sunshine Coast

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sacral chakra
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Mother and Newborn energetic reminiscence








"This beautiful book has been energetically and intuitively crafted to support the bond between you, the mother, and your beautiful baby in a heartfelt connection through the sacred geometric images of the seven chakras.

 Sacred geometry reveals itself to us in a non-linear and interdimensional way bypassing the rational mind. The connection with unseen patterns is an instrument that allows both of you to deepen and harmonise with an inner knowing or inner delight of your senses.

Sacred geometry is the design of all underlying patterns behind everything in creation.

You and your newborn baby will not only be reconnecting to your divine design but will also be supporting your newborn babies developing retina through the black and white contrast. At the same time, you will both be subconsciously connecting to your energy centres, your blueprint and together be sharing a pathway through the etheric realms manifesting here on earth.

Both you and your baby will also be stimulating your visual cortex as you gaze at these illustrations allowing for the right hemisphere to unfold and the non-linear brain to open.

It will also allow for a gentle deepening and reflection time for you as the mother, opening space for a more profound and higher vibrational point of view, gifting yourself time.

You will have the opportunity to gain a point of view that supports you towards clarity and alignment for informed, heartfelt decisions, deepening your truth and your connection with your baby.

You may be joy, happiness, uncertainty- the critical part is to allow the experience within yourself. Empower yourself. The experience can create a pause and reflect effect supporting you to see your own experiences from a deeper perspective.

The illustrations are also supportive as you may be beginning or deepening your practice of working with your chakras- energy centres and their flow.

Sharing this book with your newborn or while she or he is in the womb allows the creation and deepening of sacred space within the womb, it all begins with intention.

The power of the images reveals itself through deepening into your own experience- rather than trying to interpret it through your mind.

The illustrations are an instrument to quieten the mind, gain or listen to, allowing your innate wisdom to come through and surrendering to your divine guidance.

The book is an instrument of reflective practice, and my inspiration for the book for you, the mother and carers is to feel a deep intuitive calling with your interpretation, however that may be?

Be it a deep breath of acknowledgement at a subconscious level or a more grounded feeling of clarity, a knowing within you and your recognition of your soul's purity that you hold deep within your heart.

It could also be certain confidence that has been sparked within you and your interactions with your divine newborn baby.

I wish you to be inspired to search for a clearer, aligned path towards your innate wisdom and truth. We all hold such wisdom, and we get bombarded with so much stimulation around us that we lose sight of our wishes and desires for ourselves as mothers and for our precious babies as they first come into the world.

I wish for the newborn babies to connect their energetic resonance using the sacred images and the power they hold within them.

Our beautiful babies hold space for us just as much as we hold space for them. This book is a gift for the newborn soul"

Olga Maria