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Contrast black and white images are the best way to support your baby's visual stimulation.

These unique, hand drawn illustrations will mesmerise and bind you both in heartfelt connection.

There are seven energy centres based on sacred geometry. They represent the energetic frequencies within our bodies.

Each plays a vital role in deeply connecting our innate wisdom to our true resonance.

Olga Maria-Author

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This book was illustrated for Newborn babies, their Mother’s and carers as a connection and a remembrance of their own innate wisdom and inner guidance.

Empowering each soul to strengthen their energetic resonance and continue it as they start their physical life on Earth.

The hand drawn images of the 7 energy centres based on sacred geometry, represent the energetic frequencies within our body. Sacred geometry works strongly on energy fields and therefore also on your aura and Chakras. The drawings are black and white as newborns retinas are developing and can see that contrast best.

The book is also intended to support pregnant women as they connect to the images and continue to create sacred space within themselves and their energy centres. 

This is sacred space. 

Another benefit is the insight into your own well being or an emotional response that can give you guidance and direction as to how you are currently feeling.

You may be joy, happiness, uncertainty, the important part is to allow yourself to open your mind and find an understanding within yourself. Empower yourself. The experience can create a pause and reflect effect supporting the reader to see experiences from a higher perspective.


As you can imagine, this is a different type of book but encourages a strong sense of discussion both internally and externally.

Olga Maria - Author

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