Olga Maria

Angelic Reiki Master and Author

New Emerging Author.

Olga Maria Emslie is an Educator, illustrator and now a new emerging Author inspired to create black and white hand-drawn illustrations for newborn babies.

Her inspiration came from her own experience and observations of her babies, displaying focus and engagement in black and white images, prints and surroundings.

Due to Olga’s extensive experience and expertise throughout her Educational career in Early Childhood, it became a natural progression to continue to support, engage and create wonderful opportunities for children to grow instinctively and in a nurturing environment.

Olga uses an intuitive approach with a knowledgeable background towards her designs, consciously aware of the holistic energy it takes to create the illustrations to bring the magic to be shared between the book and the reader.

Olga’s interest and knowledge in sacred geometry, the Chakras, NLP and energy work

( Angelic Reiki Master) are the foundations for bringing together the Mother-child energy for grounding and bonding through the book, creating a loving and supportive experience and lifelong memories.

As Olga’s energy work grew in consciousness it became very clear of the importance of emerging the children’s first encounters and awareness of symbolic and sacred meanings.

Olga enjoys reading, flowers, art music and crystals, especially putting together crystal grids and wands. Currently, she is actively teaching her children through home-schooling and continues to share with them the love of life and creation through self-empowerment and the gift of time.

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Angelic Reiki Master

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Olga's awakening to a more profound way of life began eight years ago when she was invited to participate in the Mastery of her life through an Angelic Reiki Master training ( series of sessions for a year). 
​ Olga found much resonance and answers to her life's questions, experiences as a child and clear knowing she always had but never truly knew or trusted. From there onwards, Olga became clear in finding her way through unconsciously creating a busy lifestyle that didn't meet her needs and where the values she was living under were not hers.
As a child, her intuition was part of her life without truly knowing. In her process of becoming a Reiki Master, Master and creator of her own life have now been nurtured at a conscious and energetic level that life continuously evolves, deepens and opens to more creative ways of living in harmony and peace within. Olga is a seeker of truth and constantly works towards this depth.
Olga's spiritual senses also heightened as she allowed parts of herself to present themselves through channelling art, channelling messages in automatic writing, clear knowing, and channelling messages from photos.
Olga also brings years of experience and is trained in Chakra Mindset and a qualified NLP practitioner and Holistic Counselling.
Olga is a Mother of two. Motherhood brought on a deeper layer and unfolding of being and how to be a conscious and present parent/mother physically, spiritually, and energetically, one of the biggest unfoldings of her life.
Her love for children and Motherhood, her teaching experiences, and her unschooling experiences with her children created her most significant value in supporting the mother-child energy. She has personally experienced the support of her innate wisdom and gained knowledge and experiences through the magical energetic resonance of her essence and others and community support. This journey has been a family affair, and it is a continuous circle that deepens and lightens as you resonate and begin to vibrate higher.

Olga works very closely with all these modalities. They are part of the healing approach when connecting to clients in her everyday life and what she imparts to her children as they grow and find their connection and resonance in this world.

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