New Emerging Author.

Olga Maria Emslie is an Educator, illustrator and now a new emerging Author inspired to create black and white hand-drawn illustrations for newborn babies.

Her inspiration came from her own experience and observations of her babies, displaying focus and engagement in black and white images, prints and surroundings.

Due to Olga’s extensive experience and expertise throughout her Educational career in Early Childhood, it became a natural progression to continue to support, engage and create wonderful opportunities for children to grow instinctively and in a nurturing environment.

Olga uses an intuitive approach with a knowledgeable background towards her designs, consciously aware of the holistic energy it takes to create the illustrations to bring the magic to be shared between the book and the reader.

Olga’s interest and knowledge in sacred geometry, the Chakras, NLP and energy work

( Angelic Reiki Master) are the foundations for bringing together the Mother-child energy for grounding and bonding through the book, creating a loving and supportive experience and lifelong memories.

As Olga’s energy work grew in consciousness it became very clear of the importance of emerging the children’s first encounters and awareness of symbolic and sacred meanings.

Olga enjoys reading, flowers, art music and crystals, especially putting together crystal grids and wands. Currently, she is actively teaching her children through home-schooling and continues to share with them the love of life and creation through self-empowerment and the gift of time.

Olga Maria