"I illustrated this book for Newborn babies, their Mother's and Carers as a connection and a remembrance of their own innate wisdom and inner guidance. Empowering each soul to strengthen their energetic resonance and continue it as they start their physical life on Earth"

Olga Maria

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'I first found Sacred Geometry in the forests, in the unfolding of the new growth in plants, making perfect Fibonacci Spirals.'

Why are babies attracted to black and white images?


The first few months of life, while the eyesight is still developing, babies find high-contrasting images of black and white and sharp edges most stimulating to their developing retina. At birth a baby’s retina can only detect large contrast between light and dark. As the newborn receives input/stimulation from all the senses, it causes nerve cells to multiply and form connections with other nerve cells.


The 7 energy centres drawn in this book are also known as the Chakra's. Each of these energy centres play a vital role in our lives, the way we interact, create the life we so desire and the energetic frequencies within our body.  Each of these energy centres are also connected to vital organs in our body and they also each have their own colour. What better way than supporting our newborn children through visual stimulation of these magnificent energy centres and Sacred Geometry!